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“Lending a hand to communities”


Our mission is to serve the disadvantaged and displaced individuals; changing one life at a time with focus on family and to promote leadership and moral values as the base to sustain the family.


Helping Hands Restoration Center is to become a stabilizing force for the city, state and world by promoting education, health, housing and skills training.


Together we can achieve this vision by connecting churches and non-profit organizations worldwide.   An application and a referral form is provided to this site to request items for individuals or family needs from inventory.

Helping Hands Restoration Center (HHRC) has continued to serve the community since 2006.  We are a nonprofit agency which provides assistance to hundreds of individuals each year.  HHRC provides services to individuals of all ages through our various programs.  Our programs includes:  COMP- provide education to youth of low -income families by assisting with management of career goals, Health, life skills and money marketing.  SWAL:  provide services to the homeless with the hope to alter lifestyles.  Clothing, food, education, link to other agencies and wellness check.


Helping Hands Restoration Center also provides clothing and furniture to families who have suffered devastation such as fire, floods, etc.  Please feel free to share this information with people you meet daily.  Let us provide our moral duties.  We are so happy that you have taken an interest in helping us serve humankind and ask for your continued support by donating any item that will help provide happiness and health to a community of people in need of our assistance.

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