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Our Mission is the
Mission of Restoration

To this present Hour, we are Hungry and Thirsty; we are continually Poorly Dressed, and we are Roughly Treated, and Homeless and sometimes abused...1 Corinthians 4:11

When God blessed us with Ambassadors Joanne and Steve Thomas we had no idea that one day we would see what we are seeing today. Their hearts reminds us of the heart of Jesus Christ who came to Restore to the world all that Adam lost.


It is our prayer that all of the people, not only in the city of Jackson, Mississippi but nationwide will share with them clothing, food and shelter for the not so privilege. But lets give to this faith and non for profit Mission our financial support also on a weekly or monthly schedule. 

It is our reasonable service to make a better world for those who are in need of our Help.

Keep these wonderful Ambassadors for Christ in your prayer and care

Apostle Jeremiah and Dr Gloria Maria Cummings

Shabach Global Ministries World Outreach

Illinois-Mississippi- Virginia-Texas


Ambassadors Steve and Joanne Thomas

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